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Free Shipping in The Order of $100 or More

Joylife 1Pc Abdominal Breathing Trainer Ventra Fat Burner Slimming Body Waist Increase Lung Capacity Face Lift Tools

SKU 34608338
  • Abdominal Breathing Trainer is a breakthrough product for respiratory & abdominal fitness training which works to slim your waist and toned abdomen.
  • Without training, our breathing is primarily chest oriented and shallow. Inducing thoracic diaphragm oriented breathing rings immense health benefits including core muscle buildup, lung capacity & metabolism increase and weight management.
  • By creating pulmonary resistance, this trainer is meant for Diaphragmatic training to help you fully utilize and tone abdominal muscles while breathing.
  • It trains you to breathe using your core muscles which aids in fat burning & flattening the stomach.
  • Tightens & tones your innermost abdominals